PRD OFFICE - A word from the CEO

A word from the CEO

Alexis Perret

At PRD Office, we pride ourselves on ensuring our office properties sustainably blend into the landscape of our cities. We design simple, attractive and pure buildings compliant with the most stringent environmental standards.

All our real estate projects are conducted in close liaison with local authorities and their planners. As a property developer, investor and land developer, we strive to meet their needs as best as possible and assist them to ensure that the projects are efficient. We do not shy away from complexity. On the contrary, custom-made is what we do.

Our more recent projects include a 6,200 m² building in Pantin, designed by Fassio et Viaud Architectes, which is now the Greater Paris Region’s Environment Centre, and an 8,000 m² complex in Lyon Confluence with Rudy Ricciotti. We have also delivered a 11,500 m² building, designed by Bernard Reichen, in Nanterre working alongside the town and its semi-state bodies.

We are currently developing a 25,000 m² operation designed by the architect Philippe Chiambaretta, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, working closely with the city and its semi-state bodies. We always work with renowned architects and are keen supporters of their work.

Most of our office buildings are “positive-energy” certified and produce more energy than they consume. We aim to keep out the sun but not light. Their façades are devoid of any technical scars. We are committed to developing very attractive buildings that will stand the aesthetic and ecological test of time and which, and our clients, can be justifiably proud of.

« In addition to energy performance, for office buildings our focus is on aesthetics, quality and comfort. Our buildings are easy to move into and comfortable to live in. The users of our buildings are in charge of the spaces we design for them. »