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Legal mentions

Legal mentions of

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terms  of use
This site is owned and operated by Prd, an SAS (a simplified joint stock company administered under the laws of France) with registered capital stock of 1 025 000 euros, whose principal office is in Paris (8 Rue Lamennais 75008 Paris, France) and which is registered with the Paris Trade and Company Register under number Nº B409 958 162.
Prd has made this site available to provide information to its users. No commercial exploitation, even in part, of the information contained in the site may be made without the prior written consent of Prd.
The layout and contents of the site constitute a work protected by applicable intellectual property laws. No reproduction and/or display, in full or in part, may be made without the prior written consent of Prd.
The name Prd, the Prd logo, the name of Prd’s subsidiaries, and the names and logos of their products and slogans are trademarks owned by Prd and/or its subsidiaries. Consequently, any reproduction, use or alteration of them without the prior written consent of Prd constitutes an infringement of copyright. In no case shall Prd be held liable for any such unauthorized reproduction, use or alteration.
Drawings, photographs, pictures, texts, animated sequences, with or without sound, and any other documents contained in this website are under industrial and/or intellectual property copyright protection, and are owned by Prd or one of its subsidiaries. Accordingly, any reproduction, display, adaptation, translation, alteration or transfer to another website, in part or in full, is strictly forbidden.
Making copies of these copyrighted items for strictly private use is allowed, provided that the source is mentioned. However, their reproduction, in part or in full, without the prior written consent of Prd, is strictly forbidden.
The information and contents that appear within the pages of this website are provided for indicative purposes only, and may be modified at any time without prior notice. Prd shall not be held liable for any use that may be made of them, whether private or professional.
Consequently, Prd shall not be liable:

  • for any damage, direct and/or indirect, whatever its causes, origins, nature or consequences, that results from access to the site by any person, or by any person’s inability to access the site, or for any use whatsoever of the site and/or any credence granted to information obtained from the site, directly or indirectly;
  • for any use or uses to which such information may be put.

personal data
Pursuant to the Act of January 6, 1978 on data processing, data files and individual liberties, the user is hereby informed that Article 27 of the Act stipulates, among other things:

  • that the information provided via forms made available on a website, in particular forms requesting information and/or soliciting appointments with real estate agents, may be transmitted and used by Prd;
  • that he or she has the right to access and modify this data by writing to Prd, 8 Rue Lamennais 75008 Paris, France.

As stipulated in legislation pertaining to the protection of personal data, this is a private right that can only be exercised by the person to whom the information pertains. For reasons of security, and to avoid communicating confidential information to anyone but the person to whom it pertains, any person requesting access to or modification of personal data will be asked for proof of his or her identity.
In the event such information is rectified, at your request we will send you a copy of the rectified information pertaining to you.
The personal data about you that is gathered via this website is intended for use by departments and companies of the group responsible for responding to your requests

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