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Prd has a medium-term approach to property ownership and supports
your financial and real
estate strategy.

  • Master agreements with large groups (AXA – CDC (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations) - Crédit Agricole - General Electric Capital - Ixis Aew- etc.) have led
    to the creation or development of dedicated investment funds

  • IREI, a real estate investment firm in
    the Prd group, has properties covering more than 130,000 m².

Our involvement and investment methods

Prd is an entrepreneur with experience financing properties for long-term
corporate ownership.
Our know-how is driven by deep knowledge of:

  • user requirements
  • land
  • urban planning
  • the technical aspects of construction
  • financing

For each project, we provide one team with one highly competent Prd contact person,
thus ensuring that decisions are made rapidly throughout the process—from design
to delivery, and then for all aspects of property management.


Investor/commercial property developer for businesses developer/contractor for local governments
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